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Stupid Fuel Crisis

Stupid Fuel Crisis

By The Ghost of Sir Edward Coke

Whodunit ?













Stupidity can lead to many problems. Below is an example of stupidity … enjoy.


Of course the stupid individual in the clip probably does not consider himself a great “leader”  fortunately his stupidity only results in his own injury and embarrassment .   He will probably remember this and learn from his stupid mistake.

When leaders do or say stupid things they are of course noticed by many people and their actions or words affect many more people, potentially millions.  For example earlier this week Francis Maude advised people to stock up  on fuel a message which has been taken up and disseminated by the media predictably resulting in millions of people needlessly panic buying fuel in fear of an impending shortage due to a possible  strike which may or may not occur at some point in the future.


“When it makes sense, a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can in the garage is a sensible precaution to take. People need to be aware that there is a risk to fuel supplies. It’s not for us to give advice on what people should do. It is our obligation to tell them what is going on so that they can make their own decisions.”

According to a tweet by Labour MP Karl Turner this was

“stupidity of the highest order!”

It is difficult to disagree.

UK groups such as the Motoring Association have accused the government of increasing the risk of panic buying.  A spokesperson for the AA said,

“It’s the height of irresponsibility for Downing Street to give the impression that people should be panic-buying. They should be using all their efforts to get a settlement.” The AA went on to say, “It’s totally inappropriate for people to panic-buy. No strikes have yet been announced and there is enough fuel out there as long as people do not fill up unnecessarily.”

Stupidity is also catching, one stupid act leading to another.  For instance the unfortunate Diane Hill who has been burnt as a result of a fire caused by pouring petrol from a jerry can into a glass jug in her own kitchen, apparently the gas cooker was on. Doh! .  Whilst I wish her well and a speedy recovery this was a very stupid thing to do which may not have occurred had Francis Maude maintained a silence on the matter.

Of course any politician who causes with his stupidity enormous unnecessary inconvenience and aggravation to the whole country may well be considered by the public for ever stupid and as a result might face  popularity issues come the next general election.

In the past an act of  stupidity may have seen a politician resign in shame, sadly those days are gone and in the stupid stakes there are certainly no shortage of candidates in the Conservative party.  David Cameron for instance who with hindsight stupidly, considering his record regarding party funding, denounced the Labour party for taking cash for access. He also promised before coming to power in May 2010 to curb corporate lobbying, saying it was the “next big scandal waiting to happen”.  DC stupidly failed to heed his own wise words and ensure the Conservative party funding model was beyond reproach.

At face value the actions of Maude and his colleagues irresponsibly creating a media storm driven fuel crisis  appear to be plain stupid but there is another aspect of this case worthy of examination that of timing.   Timing they say is everything.

At the beginning of the week the oligarch and Conservative co-treasurer Peter Cruddas resigned as a result of being caught red handed apparently flogging access to David Cameron for cash. A system of preferential representation that rules out 99.9 % of the British people.

Surprisingly Murdoch’s Sun newspaper has printed a rather informative run down of the Cameron’s guest list.

Here are a couple of  examples.  Emphasis mine.   Full List

Ian Taylor
THE president of Vitol, the world’s biggest oil dealer, donated £466,100. Minister Alan Duncan reportedly helped the firm get supplies to Libyan rebels. Has worked in the industry for more than 30 years.

Michael Hintze :-
WORLD’S 880th richest person donated £1,280,958. Fou-nded £5billion hedge fund CQS and has given more than £20million to charity. Donated at least £29,000 to a Liam Fox charity run by pal Adam Werritty.

Lord Feldman
THE co-chair of the Conservative Party donated £74,270. Was made a life peer in 2010 after working on Mr Cameron’s leadership campaign. Met the Prime Minister in a college tennis team at Oxford University.

Andrew Feldman is Conservatives’ secret weapon


For a few days the media was overflowing with tales of Tory sleaze and analysis of Dave’s rich mates forcing DC in the Maude spirit of transparency and openness to hand over the list of privileged guests.  Ironically with regard to openness and transparency the words of Maude may well have come back to bite him and his glorious leader.

Maude a former banker, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley from 1993 to 1997, can be heard here at 07:00min speaking in a Common Purpose propaganda video.  To give you an idea of how influential the Common Purpose Network have become please see the appendix for the list of speakers in the video. How many of them  did you vote for ?

Maude :-

People are disillusioned with the leadership they have had, the political leadership

They know that its better to confront the truth now rather than storing up trouble for the future

A question of leadership (Common Purpose): Crisis, communication and lessons from 2009 (Part 1)



So is Francis Maude stupid ?  Maude studied Law at Cambridge University (Corpus Christi College) and the College of Law and he was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1977, practising criminal law which implies he has considerable cognitive abilities. His political career would also imply extensive knowledge of the workings of the media and techniques of perception management and applied mass psychology.

It seems unlikely that a man of such obvious ability and experience would in error make  such a stupid mistake as causing an unwarranted public panic.

Is it possible that there are another motive(s) ?

The “fuel crisis” has now predictably pushed the stories of Tory sleaze off the front page.  Who gains ?   I speculate that the entire storm in a jerry can may well have been contrived as a form of perception management specifically to do just that.  Perhaps the people of Britain may wish to contemplate the cost and inconvenience of that as they queue for fuel or are unable to get to work due to shortage.

Forecourt Prices Fri 24 Feb 2012













This media storm also diverts the mind of the great British public away from the continual outrageous hikes in fuel prices that some say are as a result of a rigged market and profiteering. Whatever is actually the case something does not add up. Demand for crude is falling and supply and reserves are increasing which should lead to a reduction in prices in a real free market.  This is called price discovery.

The prices on the left were from the 24th Feb 2012. Tesco are now selling petrol for 138.9 p/L 26/03/2012.   A  3% increase in just over a month which works out to 36% per year.  Ladies and gentlemen you are being exploited and milked for profit.


So is Francis Maude  stupid ?   or a cynical, ruthless  political operator  quite prepared to disrupt the business and pleasure of the entire  nation causing panic and inconvenience to millions in order to save the sleazy Tories political skins ?



The 12 interviewees featured in the film are:

The leaders interviewed were guest speakers at Common Purpose’s Leaders’ Questions event, held in London in January 2010.

A Common Purpose?

Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and “trains” them to learn how society works, who pulls the “levers of power” and how CP “graduates” can use this knowledge to lead “Outside Authority”.








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