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The Guardian Classroom at it Again! – Revolution, Flashmobs, and Brain Chips. A Grim Vision of the Future (Revisited)

By Neil Foster – Sovereign Independent UK –

The following article appeared in The Guardian on Monday, April 9th 2012

However, exactly 5 years to the day, on Monday 9th April 2007 the same intellectually vacuous Guardian published the article below in which it outlined a future rife with ‘Revolution, flashmobs and brain chips’.

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It outlined a ‘grim vision of the future’ using the government of the days’ own documentation to give credence to such a future scenario. The document was issued by the ‘Development, Concepts & Doctrine Centre’; part of the MOD, and can be read in full here:-

The Guardian in 2007 laid out the basic contents relating to, not what the MOD were attempting to guard against but rather what they termed “probability-based, rather than predictive” analysis.

With this in mind I wonder why The Guardian somehow seems to think that chemical weaponry being touted as the next great necessity to deal with British youth on unlawful orchestrated shopping excursions is deemed as news. They reported this and much worse in their 2007 article in which the use of ‘neutron bombs’ and ‘electromagnetic pulse weapons’ to deal with disgruntled citizens who are rioting for food was stated.

They also reported that there would be a “declining news quality with the rise of internet-enabled, citizen-journalists and pressure to release stories at the expense of facts” as contained in the report.

Well, pardon me, this is the same Guardian which has been ‘reporting’ the total fraud of ‘climate change/global warming’ with overzealous CO2 emitting gusto without any adherence to facts whatsoever. The Guardian should be the first to plead guilty to the ‘declining news quality… and pressure to release stories at the expense of facts’.

In fact, the editors and journalists responsible for this stream of lies and mass deception of the public should be on trial for fraud in this regard and probably jailed with the added caveat that they never be allowed any involvement in any form of media again. They are pathological liars.

So what is their agenda regarding the ‘expose’ that chemical weaponry and other far more lethal technologies will be used on the public; the same public who paid for the weaponry which is to be the cause of their severe discomfort or demise?

The Guardian class in Plato’s ‘Republic’ are alive and kicking it seems in this gutter press rag as it ‘guards’ the truth with paranoid delusions of its own importance in the New World Order cabal, consistently peddling the ‘party’ line that humans are the cause of all humanity’s woes. The Guardian readers have unfortunately been hyper-duped into swallowing this Malthusian dystopian myth of overpopulation and catastrophic climate change that will gladly sign upto any garbage touted as of benefit to Mother Gaia, even if that means their own deaths and the deaths of their entire families. Get used to it readers, you are in the gun sights of the MOD and no amount of Guardian worship will save you! You have been duly warned.

It’s a sad indictment on those who deem themselves the most educated that they are also the dumbest brutes of the herd and continue to wallow in a brain dead utopian fantasyland farm, consuming their daily swill of ‘news’ whereby they are devoid of any ability to see the train coming down the tracks as they happily tie themselves to them. They are the meat for the coming mincing machine which will no doubt come in the guise of an environmentally friendly one, complete with a ‘Somation’ function so that nothing goes to waste. You can always be flushed down your very own eco toilet which you’ve no doubt already installed.

Isn’t it great to be of benefit to society folks?

But why bother trying to turn the ideologues of The Guardian and the BBC into rational thinking people when they seem very happy in their own world of ‘do-gooder, tree hugging ecstasy’? If they want to die young and happy then leave them to it I guess. It’ll work wonders for their personal carbon footprint and when they’ve been erased then they’ll have no carbon taxes to pay. Who said it was all bad? I guess that the more brain dead green zombies there are the percentage of those awake increases!

But then again, that’s what the weapons of mass civilian destruction are for.

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