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Tory 5 Year Plan :- IMF UN Wealth Redistribution

Tory 5 Year Plan  :- IMF UN Wealth Redistribution

By Black Elk


We learn  that 0.7% of UK GDP is being gifted for international wealth re-distribution via the IMF / World bank.

In what can only be  described as a switch to socialist values the Cameron led Tories appear to be “engaged” in the practice of  wealth distribution and central economic planning.  The model that has been such an outstanding success, a paragon of efficiency and virtue in the past.

I wonder how much of those redistributed funds will end up benefiting the deserving poor and needy.

Most countries have a more sensible approach, charity begins at home.

Why does the government not simply return our taxes to combat “austerity”, stimulate the economy and create growth ?

This give away  despite “austerity measures” at home is surely getting the UK further into debt and negates any effect those measures may have. We are being enslaved by debt not of our making whilst the globalist’s pet projects remain well funded with our labours.

Communism is man exploiting man and fascism is the other way around : Karl Marx

According to a UN report on 20-22 September 2010

For most donor countries, aid remains well below the United
Nations target of 0.7 per cent of gross national income. Only
five donor countries have reached or exceeded the UN target:
Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
In terms of aid volume, the largest donors in 2009 were the
United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Re the Givaway ….. The Guardian

Cameron’s agreement makes certain that he will resist any rightwing efforts to cut UK aid, but it may also mean a significant reshaping of the millennium development goals.

The goals decide the international targets of global aid channelled bilaterally and multilaterally through organisations such as the World Bank and the IMF.

The current eight goals range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/Aids and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015. Many will be missed.

They were agreed by a UN conference in New York in 2000 and have formed the basis for galvanising and directing all international aid since that date, with follow-up conferences every five years.


Haven’t we seen something like this before ?


The Western Mail, April 7th, 1931




Exports and scientists hurried from all parts of the Soviet Union. Conferences were held to plan the life of the Communist State for the next five years. This was done tinder the auspices of the State Planning Commission.  They drew up a tremendous plan for the development of the whole life of the Soviet Union.

Imagine a Commission sitting in London with full power to do whatever they liked in transforming the whole of Great Britain.  They could say: “Ten new factories must be built at Cardiff within two years.  A railway must be constructed between Swansea and Caernarvon by 1932.  Eighty-five per cent. of the mines of South Wales must be provided with the latest machinery by March 1, 1933.  Carmarthen must produce 46,824 tons of grain within ten months time.  Fifty-four thousand Welsh miners must be sent to East Africa by December 1st  this year”

Of course this could never happen in Britain or could it ?

Its all about control folks.

Is there something more sinister being cloaked by the CO2 / climate change agenda ?

Daily Mail

A vast bureaucratic apparatus aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes and buildings in Britain is gradually taking shape — and over the next two years it will become a costly nightmare for millions of homeowners, landlords and small businesses.

They will need to have their property checked out by special inspectors to make sure they have double-glazing and enough loft and wall insulation.

Only when the officials are satisfied that they meet these requirements will the homeowners be allowed to make the improvements they want.

Read more:

Notwithstanding that the global overlords have also tasked David Cameron with coming up with some updated Millennium goals. Lets hope Dave doesn’t manage to score any own ones.

Here are the old ones  how did well did they do ?

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger    FAIL
  • Achieve universal primary education      FAIL
  • Promote gender equality and empower women   RELAX WHY WORRY ?
  • Improve maternal health   NO IDEA BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DADS ?
  • Combat HIV/AIDs, malaria, and other diseases   VACCINES FOR ALL ?
  • Develop a global partnership for development


Re the Givaway ….. The Guardian

It is likely that Cameron will try to rethink the basis of the new goals and will draw on contemporary thinking about the best way to improve development. The prime minister and his experienced international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, have wanted to shift the debate towards economic development, rather than providing funds to help the education of women and children.

Mitchell recently explained that he had set up a “private sector department in the Department for International Development as the crack SAS troops who will help put private sector development and engagement with private enterprise at the heart of everything we do”.


Beware the Trojan horse of the millennium.

Cameron appointed to create new era of hard-headed, pro-market UN development policies

By Matthew Barrett

This morning’s Guardian carries the news that David Cameron has been asked to chair a United Nations committee to create a new set of millennium development goals. The Prime Minister, who was asked by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, has accepted the task, and now has the opportunity to take a common sense, pro-market approach to international aid.

The appointment would seem to entrench the British commitment thoroughly to spending 0.7% of GDP in international aid, but more importantly, would allow “a significant reshaping of the millennium development goals“, according to the Guardian. At present, the goals are:

Full Article   conservativehome.blogs


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