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Mother Wins Top Environmental Award for Beating Monsanto

By Anthony Gucciardi – Natural Society –

After experiencing the traumatizing death of her daughter to kidney failure  just three days after her daughter was born, Sofia Gatica from Argentina  became determined to find out what killed her daughter. Her conclusion?  Monsanto’s genetically modified soy fields that surrounded her neighborhood,  laced with damaging insecticides negatively affecting nearby neighborhood  children and adults alike. Gatica began to detail how her small town was plagued  with astronomically high birth defect rates, respiratory disease, and even  infant mortality. What she didn’t know was that she would later receive an  environmental award for her efforts to make change.

Top Environmental Award Given to a  Mother for Beating Monsanto

From this point, the courageous mother  decided to take on Monsanto. Amazingly, she is not alone in her struggle  against the biotechnology colossus when it comes to causing birth problems, as a  large group of farmers — also from Argentina — have launched a lawsuit against  Monsanto for causing ‘devastating birth defects‘ in  children. Gatica was initially alone, however, when she first began her  uphill battle. Forming a group of concerned mothers in her local area of  Ituzaingó after hosting an event at her home to discuss her experiences,  the mother would be one of the very few who has actually beat Monsanto.


After sharing her story with local mothers who were also concerned for the  safety of their children and families as a whole, Gatica co-founded  the Mothers of Ituzaingó — an action group of 16 mothers collaborating to  end Monsanto’s rampant chemical usage. The team took to the streets, going door  to door to create what was the first epidemiological study of the area,  only to discover that the effects of Monsanto’s concoctions were dramatically  affecting many families in the town of Ituzaingó. With cancer rates  41 times the national average, something had to be done.

As a result of the serious campaign to eradicate Monsanto, the mothers were  rewarded. Argentina’s Supreme Court not only banned chemical spraying near  populated areas, but demanded that the government as well as soy manufacturers  now prove that these chemicals are safe. Sofia Gatica is now being honored for  her great environmental work with the Goldman Environmental prize, a major environmental award  given to activists. Although not everyone will receive an environmental award  for creating change, this story shows just how serious activism can take down  most any threat — even Monsanto.

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