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Olympic Fence costs £ 4519 per metre

By The Ghost of Sir Edward Coke


The 11 mile 5000 Volt electric fence surrounding the Olympic site is reported as costing £80 million.

11 * 1 miles = 11 * 1.609344 kilometres = 17702.784 metre

Cost per metre = 80000000 / 17702.784 = £ 4519

or  for those of you who work in imperial  units  the Cost per foot = £ 1377

Now  that seems excessive to me,  the fence of course can be circumvented by purchasing a ticket.

Other aspects of Olympic security  appear to be ineffective  as this “test” has proven.

According to the Sun on Sunday the worker was able to drive the package through the site, taking it past the velodrome before posing for a photograph with it outside the Olympic stadium.

He told the paper he had become concerned after noticing he was only searched by security when he entered the site in the mornings, and that he could enter and exit the grounds in his digger during the day without further checks.

Full Story in The Sun

The Sun of course is a Murdoch production and Murdoch is a Likudist friend of Israel, this article proves that it has been possible to easily circumvent security at the site and thus possible that someone might have planted something in advance.


Estimated cost of approx 36m of fence shown = £ 162684   value for money ?

Picture care of Dave Mery

Pudding Mill Ln
London E15


3 Responses to Olympic Fence costs £ 4519 per metre

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  2. Duncan

    July 1, 2012 at 10:46 am

    £162.684, The whole JUbilee/olympic synbology and numerology are encoding sun worship it appears, 162 and 684 are encoding the diameter of the sun and 666, 6*6*6=216 and the diameter of the sun is 864000 miles which is 216+216+216+216

  3. Duncan

    July 1, 2012 at 10:51 am

    and of course, the length of the fence itself being 11 miles, ones opposing the 6 of the die, Genesis 3.14 (Pi) paradise/pair o dice. 1 1 = 6 6,

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