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Guilty Until Proven Innocent : The Descent To Totalitarian Fascism

Guilty Until Proven Innocent :The Descent To Totalitarian Fascism


Common law doth control Acts of Parliament and adjudge them when against common right to be void (Lord Edward Coke).

Trial by Jury is indeed a fundamental right under Magna Carta, and because it is judgement by other subjects/citizens is the last defence of the ordinary man against the otherwise overwhelming power of the State – and the power increasingly of unscrupulous, incompetent and totalitarian politicians – witness Blair and Co’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and others which allow Ministers to rule by decree on the basis of declaring emergencies.

MAGNA CARTA 1215, CAP XXXIX: “No freeman shall be taken indeed imprisoned, either dispossessed, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, nor pass over him, nor send over him, except by means of the legal judgement of his own equals (Trial by Jury) indeed the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay, Right or Justice.”

The ConDems are continuing the legislative program  of NuLabour re recording and spying on our private and personal communications and in many respects their iniquitous efforts are indistinguishable from the Blair / Brown regime.

What has emerged is a defacto one party state rotten to the core with three almost barely distinguishable factions a Lib Lab Con job.


Guilty until proven innocent: Families will have to pay £20 to show they DIDN’T illegally download music under new law

  • Regime designed to stamp out internet piracy will treat individuals as ‘guilty until proven innocent’
  • People wrongly accused of making illegal downloads will have to pay £20 fee to appeal and prove their innocence
  • Move has angered consumer groups

Read more:

Their dream is a ‘British FBI’ – the reality may be our own KGB

The Government is already hiring top management for a sinister and worrying body to be known as the National Crime Agency. This is unconstitutional, as Parliament has only just begun to debate it. Interestingly, the Bill to create the agency began life in the House of Lords, a favourite route for laws the Government wants to keep quiet about.

The project is arrogant and anti-British. The NCA’s director-general will have the power to order Chief Constables about. He will answer directly to the Home Secretary.

It is, in short, the very thing that, since the days of Sir Robert Peel, Parliament has striven to prevent – a national police force under the direct control of the government.



Revealed: government plans for police privatisation

West Midlands and Surrey police offer £1.5bn contract under which private firms may investigate crime and detain suspects

Midlands and Surrey have invited bids from G4S and other major security companies on behalf of all forces across England and Wales to take over the delivery of a wide range of services previously carried out by the police.

The contract is the largest on police privatisation so far, with a potential value of £1.5bn over seven years, rising to a possible £3.5bn depending on how many other forces get involved.

This scale dwarfs the recent £200m contract between Lincolnshire police and G4S, under which half the force’s civilian staff are to join the private security company, which will also build and run a police station for the first time.

The home secretary, Theresa May, who has imposed a 20% cut in Whitehall grants on forces, has said frontline policing can be protected by using the private sector to transform services provided to the public, but this is the first clear indication of what that will mean in practice. May said on Thursday that she hoped the “business partnership” programme would be in place next spring.

Full article

Secret Courts – No Need To Wait For The Legislation, It Seems

Judge Andrew Vickers has imposed a secret court and issued a ‘Gagging Order” against the Oxford Mail and Oxford Times.

A concerned Oxford resident has made the UK Column aware that Operation Bullfinch, the police investigation into the Oxford paedophile ring, successfully called for District Judge Andrew Vickers to gag the two local newspapers.

The Oxford Mail had been reporting the court case of a man who appeared in a separate court at the same time as the court appearance of six men accused of being part of the main child prostitution ring.

In addition to the gagging order, the Mail reporter was required to leave the court hearing itself.

The draconian measure of ejecting the reporter, rather than simply ordering him not to report proceedings, takes us even closer to secret courts where Judges can do as they please.

In a pithy article complaining of gagging, the Oxford Mail reported on 26 March this year that:

District judge Andrew Vickers prevented details of the hearing being reported unless the man is charged and appears at court.

He passed rulings under the Contempt of Court Act to stop any publication and to prevent the man’s name and address being revealed in connection with the hearing.

This came after it was argued by police that any press report could hamper their investigation.

But the judge then took the unusual step of holding the hearing in camera – which means press and public are excluded – forcing our reporter to leave the courtroom.

He ruled the investigation could be jeopardised if the hearing was not held behind closed doors.

Recognising that the police may well have a legitimate need to protect an ongoing investigation, Judge Vicker’s statements and actions are nevertheless highly questionable, if not dangerous to open and accountable justice.

By “preventing details of the hearing being reported unless the man is charged and appears at court’, the Judge seems to have ignored the fact that the man was already in court. Furthermore, if he was already in Court, why had he not already been charged?

In imposing a closed court hearing, and excluding the press and public, Judge Vickers then presided over a secret court.

What subsequently took place behind those closed court doors?

Full article


Ken Clarke (Bilderberg) :- Removing Your Right To A Jury

excerpt from

A BILL  TO  Amend the law of defamation.

by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and
consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present
Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—


Trial by jury
Trial to be without a jury unless the court orders otherwise
The Defamation Bill, (2nd reading 12 Jun 2012) repeals common law defences – viz:


•    Section 2(4):  “The common law defence of justification is abolished and, accordingly, section 5 of the Defamation Act 1952 (justification) is repealed.”
•    Section 3(8): “The common law defence of fair comment is abolished and, accordingly, section 6 of the Defamation Act 1952 (fair comment) is repealed.”

Justice Should Be Seen To Be Done !

Government ‘misunderstood’ role of judge in secret courts bill

Final word on requests for secret hearings should belong to judges not ministers, says human rights committee

A submission from the majority of special advocates earlier this summer condemned CMPs – currently used in special immigration and employment tribunals – as “inherently unfair”.

Earlier this month, the Lords’ constitution committee, whose members include Lord Irvine, the former lord chancellor, and Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general, described the expansion of secret hearings into civil courts as “flawed” and “unfair”.

Ken Clarke, the justice secretary, has defended the bill as a necessary method of exploiting intelligence material in court cases while protecting it from general disclosure. The bill will introduce secret hearings into civil courts where a defendant or clamant is not permitted to see all the evidence.


Secret Family Courts

The Family Courts are the most secretive of all courts in the u.k. Reporting restrictions don’t allow any journalist in side the courts, very rarely judges do allow some facts to be give to the media, and there are “NO JURIES” present.

UK SS stealing children to make money (Russia Today Interview)


Brian Gerrish (Common Purpose) with Alex Jones – Part 1 of 3















For just how rotten see here

Cameron rips of British public whilst continuing his own massive fraud!!

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