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THe OxyMORONic Morality of Politicians Demanding the Abolition of Cash

By Neil Foster – Sovereign Independent UK –

When ‘Conservative’ MP, David Gauke came out with ‘paying cash is morally wrong’ I just wondered what planet these creeps think they live on and who they seem to think they are. They are living in a delusional world where they seem to believe that they are some kind of higher beings who have the right to subjugate and control all those below them. But the truth is that they are OUR SERVANTS! They of course don’t believe or indeed care about that fact and continue to vote themselves massive salaries and pension rights as well as other perks and goodies which they benefit from. We only have to look at the disgusting wealth now in Tony Blairs ‘moral’ bank account equating to approximately £80 million to see the depths of morality inccumbant in this traitorous psychopath to see that politicians have no right to preach ‘austerity’ to the people of this country anymore than they have the right to even mention the word ‘morality’ when they are more than happy to murder and maim millions of human beings at a whim.

They only have to look at the track record of their own morally bankrupt party comrades to see who holds the higher moral ground between plumbers and politicians.

I think the vast majority would view plumbers in a whole new light if it was simply a moral choice of who to trust and put your faith in.

Just who do these control freaks think they are that they can dictate and preach morality to the good people of this country who do nothing wrong when they pay cash to anyone for any service.


What’s really going on here is the move towards complete control of all money in the country through the abolition of cash and the move by stealth to control every aspect of our lives for any reason the elite puppets masquerading as our ‘representatives’ can conjure up with no basis in reality whatsoever. This is simply the ‘Behavioural Change Unit’ within the British government going to work on the public again to bring about the advent of the cashless society and ultimately the microchipped society planned for us all for the past century.

How about they show us the way by giving up cash to show the rest of us just how easy it is to get by without it when the the ATM machine gets switched off or an imaginary computer gliche prevents you getting a hold of any form of money?

But of course it’ll be easy… we won’t need cash to do our weekly shopping will we? The marvels of modern ‘science’ will look after us with full moral values by microchipping us all to ensure we’re all safely embedded in the financial, global, scientific dictatorship.

Official IBM RFID commercial- Shopping in the Future as a Chipped Human – 2009

Speaking of reality, the fact that people are prepared to pay cash, perhaps or perhaps not to get a better price for any specific service provided by tradesmen or anyone else for that matter, may come down to the fact that the general public, being immorally ‘austeritied’ to the point of abject poverty, need to save what little money they may have been allowed to keep by the current cabal of traitorous, immoral parasites calling themselves ‘politicians’.

Perhaps if we were all given the average MP’s wage of around £70,000 a year plus a whopping great index linked pension after only 5 years of doing absolutely nothing productive other than coming up with new schemes and scams to screw those who voted for you then we could all afford to pay all our taxes and fees to our loving government. But alas the real picture is somewhat different isn’t it?

We don’t get all the perks and trappings of power, the huge wage, pension and the benefit of getting paid around £300 a week just to go to ‘work’. Not bad eh!

So let’s not be fooled that this has anything to do with morality, especially when those in power are more than happy to bomb innocent men, women and children to pieces in the Middle East.

Politicians do hold any monopoly or indeed any claim on morals at all to enable them to judge any of us on. In fact the exact opposite is the reality of life in the political world that empathy and humanity are sadly lacking in any politician as far as I can see.

They are simply nothing more than a parasitical private club intent on feathering their own nests while conducting the business of their elite, eugenical, bankster masters at the expense of all moral integrity.

And do you really think that bankers have morals?

4 Responses to THe OxyMORONic Morality of Politicians Demanding the Abolition of Cash

  1. keltoria

    July 25, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Statements that using cash is wrong is cropping up all over the place and in multiple countries now. I agree that this is probably an attempt at behaviour control setting us up for the end of cash. Just another attempt to restrict freedom and have total control over us. Use of cash bypasses the banks and allows us to do what we want without it being tracked – not something the politico’s want.

    • Reality Bytes

      July 26, 2012 at 9:21 am

      Re not being able to track cash… I believe that all new notes have been chipped making them trackable. If you put a note in a microwave for 10 seconds you will burn them out which will leave tiny holes in the metal strip. Therefore all cash is trackable. One solution is to take money from a bank branch over the counter in as large denpominations as possible then convert them into smaller notes so that the smaller notes are not connected to you personally…. Just a thought… This also applies to clothes which now carry rfid chips therefore alerting those who want to know your whereabouts. The solution to this is to wear a selection of secondhand clothes whereby you could be multiple people, none of which is you!

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  3. Pathocracy Paddy

    July 26, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Mustn’t it be great to be a psychopath? You can murder millions, collapse the global economy, spray poisoned gas from aeroplanes, poison the food, the water, gang-rape stolen children, burgle entire countries and continents, microchip and microwave the population, turn men into women – women into men, mix plant, animal and human genes, enjoy famines, drought, run counterfeit charities and environmental organisations, modify the weather and blame the public, and with a straight face look people in the eye.

    At the same time you can seriously and honestly tell people how morally corrupt they are for using the coinage in their pockets for buying themselves a bag of chips when they are peckish.

    Don’t you just envy the superior morality of the inbred psychopath? Don’t you just wish you had no empathy, conscience, guilt, remorse?

    Mustn’t it be great to be a psychopath?

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