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Infanticidal – Murderous – Fanatics – The IMF Link to Abortion Policy

By Neil Foster – Sovereign Independent UK –

For those wondering why Enda Kenny, apart from being the usual sleazy, lying, puppet politician that he is, can do a complete 180 degree about turn on the issue of abortion in Ireland, something the vast majority oppose vehemently, a close examination of the historical role of the IMF needs to be considered.

Apart from the usual suspects throughout the past century advocating population control from both ends of the life cycle; birth control (including abortion) and death control (reduction of health care for all, particularly the elderly), the IMF, World Bank and the UN all play a roll.

From its inception, the UN, set up and funded to this day by the global banking cartel, has always been the embryo of world government, or to use that well-worn label, the New World Order; so much so that they have a Department of Population within its structure. It follows that all countries who are party to the United Nations also have such a department within their own governments as a requirement of membership.

It may be hidden in plain view using such terms as ‘sustainable development’ etc. under the guise of the now completely exposed fraudulent ‘Green Agenda’ on the back of  manmade global warming pseudo-science with CO2 being reinvented as the planet’s most toxic gas.

The term ‘Carbon Footprint’ should make people ask exactly what that means but alas most have fallen for the scam and been redirected towards thinking that this is just about bringing in a new type of tax. Of course that is all part of the process of enslavement as personal carbon taxes are set upon us to control every aspect of our lives.

A ‘Carbon Footprint’ can only be reduced by one method and that’s eradication of large amounts of feet on the planet’s surface. It should also be obvious, or made so, to those moronic politicians who go along to get along with this mindless garbage, that their ‘footprints’, along with all attachments from their ankles up, will be erased, possibly before their voters’. History has many such tales to tell of the foot soldiers, pardon the pun, of any despotic utopian ideology meeting their maker in brutal fashion well in advance of ever seeing such a vacuous utopia which never materialises. But alas, some folks just won’t listen.

The World Bank and the IMF are not only at the forefront of destroying economies by way of debt enslavement followed by the rape of indebted nation’s assets and natural resources, but they also impose conditions of savage cuts, to healthcare, welfare, public services and anything else which government, justifiably spends your taxes on, including police and fire services. They also impose rules for the sale of utilities; electricity, gas, water and telecommunications. All are privatised by sale to well-connected companies in bed with the IMF and world bankers in general; in other words, their friends.

Of course, no IMF bailout would be complete without mention of population as the excuse for the country’s economic woes; too many people and not enough resources.

Now, in Ireland you’ve got to start somewhere. Condoms were the hook for the young Irish just a couple of decades ago under the guise of preventing STD’s and there was some merit to this although morals didn’t seem to enter the equation. However, as the saying goes, may those without sin cast the first stone…

The big issue, in terms of the whole UN / IMF global agenda, has all been about population reduction to bring in the New World Order utopia for the global elite with the rest of us simply being surplus to requirements. In other words we simply have to go… permanently!

There is no point in relying on condoms to simply prevent conception so the pill was introduced to ensure no cock ups, again, pardon the pun.

The only logical progression from this point is of course abortion for all those little accidents which ordinarily would become little babies adding to the population.

Combined with the pill, which helps the sterilisation process in young women, abortion deals with the aftermath of the manipulated promiscuity through mainstream media, ‘literature’ and Hollywood.

Add an overwhelming bogus debt to the equation and our treasonous politicians will sign anything to get their snout in the trough of global finance, taking their hefty cut on the way I’m sure, and ensuring themselves of cushy jobs once the circus of national ‘elections’ sees them deposed to introduce the next circus clowns running the same circus.

So in essence for all you pro-lifers out there; look for the corporate fingerprints of the IMF behind the implementation of the abortion agenda into Irish life or it will be written into law as long as you focus on the politicians concentrating your minds on the rights of the child/mother/father etc. It’s not about that!

It’s about a global depopulation agenda which must be stopped on all levels, not just on the unborn but on the elderly who built the modern Ireland, paid their taxes throughout their lives, only to see that effort betrayed by corrupt and immoral politicians for decades.

I’ll finish by stating the obvious…

If all those advocating abortion had been those advocate’s parents, there would be nobody alive advocating abortion today!


4 Responses to Infanticidal – Murderous – Fanatics – The IMF Link to Abortion Policy

  1. Otis Rush

    September 20, 2012 at 11:15 am

    How about the legalization of fluoridated tapwater, thimerasol (ethyl mercury) in vaccines, aspartame (toxic wood alcohol), MSG (neurotoxin), BHA in plastics (lowers reproduction), GMO corn (lowers reproduction), and the countless other chemicals put in our food to control our numbers and our IQs?

    Did anyone think to share the overpopulation vs. resource projection charts with the general population and allow the general population to represent itself in this matter, in a humane way? or did the social engineers determine we were too stupid to function as adults on our own? Is there simply no resource issue — it’s simply an issue of having too many on the planet who may challenge the power of the central bankers… a control issue?

  2. Dan Taylor

    September 21, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    Should be mandatory reading for everyone, especically Americans who are largely asleep on this subject.

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