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ABORTION and other family-shredding deathmills – The Depopulation Cult as if Human Life was Sacred or Mattered at all.

From – An Irishman Abroad.

Below are some excerpts from a book by a Jewish doctor who has practised for 25 years.

Doctor Robert S. Mendelsohn M. D. from his book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic.” (1979)

From Chapter 6. Doctor Death

“Modern Medicine is an idolatrous religion… What resides at the core of every religion, the core from which hope radiates when all human attempts to deal with earthly conditions fail, is the Deity, the One Who Transcends it all. To get to the core of Modern Medicine you have to wade through an ocean of man-made drugs and fight your way through endless tons of machinery. If you don’t understand why the Church is savagely idolatrous and must be destroyed, you will never stare its Deity in the face”. The God of Modern Medicine is DEATH.”…

“We are programmed for life very deeply in our natures. Our strongest urges are procreative and life-supporting, but these are the instincts and activities that Modern Medicine attacks. Thus, dangerous forms of birth control – abortion on demand, masturbation, and homosexuality, all non-procreative forms of sexual activity – result in diminution of population growth. These “alternative lifestyles” which do not promote life are acceptable, but things people have been doing for thousands of years to promote life are not. The only “alternative lifestyle” that is not acceptable is any one which precludes participation in the Church. It’s a sin if you have your baby at home, but not a sin if you have an abortion. It’s a sin if you honour a foreign god by going to a chiropractor, but it’s not a sin if you go to one of the shrines of Modern Medicine for a sex-change. Any biological stress these activities may have on the body and soul are ignored”.

From Chapter 5. Holy War on the Family

“We’ve even debased the word “family” itself. When I say family I mean the entire collection of blood relatives: children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. By referring to this as “extended” family, we attempt to ignore the harm done by having only one family in twenty living with more than two adults under the same roof. On the other hand the experts gave us the term the “nuclear family” to evoke all the positive images once associated with nuclear energy. That image was never any good. What’s supposed to be at the core of the nuclear family? The parents? The children? Nothing? Calling the family “nuclear”prepares us for the explosiveness and instability that characterizes atoms in nature. When the nuclear family starts spinning off its individual members we can feel that it’s actually fulfilling its destiny rather than frustrating it.

From Chapter 7. The Devil’s Priests

“I always laugh when someone from the American Medical Association or some other doctor’s organization claims that doctors have no special powers over people. After I finish laughing, I always ask how many people can tell you to take your clothes off and you’ll do it.”

Again from Chapter 6. Doctor Death.

“To me, all these death oriented activities are frighteningly reminiscent of the Nazis. The medical profession in Germany drifted into these same activities prior to World War II. German doctors willingly got rid of “useless people” such as severely retarded and deformed children. Liberalised abortion and euthanasia were followed be the “death with dignity” of old people_ meaning they were allowed and encouraged to die. Later came the murder of gypsies; then the rounding up of anti-Nazis and Jews. The Nazis were fighting a Holy War too.

As Modern Medicine’s War on life intensifies, hospitals are rapidly becoming unable to handle the overload. So we have to build “death centres” called – again, using a very comfortable-sounding word to hide the reality – hospices.


One Response to ABORTION and other family-shredding deathmills – The Depopulation Cult as if Human Life was Sacred or Mattered at all.

  1. Mauro

    September 18, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    thank god there´s a men like yourself, yiu understand perfectly what is the world.

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