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Placebo Media News! Caution: Red Alert, Large Terrorist COW at Large

The Daily Mail have covered a story about UK (EU) armed militarised police SWAT teams chasing a poor cow that went AWOL. This is the state of barking madness passing off as sanity in Britain today, and people actually BUY the Daily Mail?

Below is an excerpt from the “story” shot through with Sovereign Independent UK’s attempt to find a modicum of common sense out in the open-air lunatic asylum that the pathocracy known as Britain has become. God help us all if an old lady’s cat gets stuck up a tree. Better stock up on bulletproof vests!


Operation overkill: Police armed with sub-machine guns stalk streets hunting for a runaway COW

By Jaya Narain – Daily Mail –

The heifer jumped over a cattle grid and ran down a busy bypass after it made a mad dash from a livestock market in Welshpool, Wales
The animal was shot dead after armed officers arrived at the scene.

Police said concern for safety of the public was behind decision to ‘humanely destroy’ the cow

Above: Daisy bin Laden, the escaped enemy carbon hoofprint cow illegally flatulating  methane.

Local residents said response was ‘over the top

Wearing body armour and helmets and brandishing sub-machine guns, these police officers are leaving nothing to chance as they hunt down their quarry.

Is it a cornered knife maniac they are about to confront – or a bank robber toting a sawn-off shotgun?

Er, no. They’re up against an escaped cow – a terrified young heifer which has made a dash for freedom from a livestock market.

Follow the full brain taxing Daily Sale story here below. Warning: contains graphic photos of  armed jobsworth stalkers and terrorised farmers which may offend sensitive green vegans:

[link to]

The cow on death row protested her innocence and before facing the firing squad argued that she was acting on her natural survival instinct. She nodded to the sky and asked why the militarised police were not shooting down the enemy chemtrailers silently bombing the earth with poisons. The mass of black uniformed hardware, the placebo media and the general public all responded in unison with the same mantra …“HUH”!?

Daisy then quoted the enlightened Archbishop Henry Kissinger who is the overarching spiritual leader of the global army.

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

There was no response so she quoted their pope General Albert Pike from his bible Morals and Dogma.

“A nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are steaks on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent”.

Sadly the lower animals opened fire on this wise bovine Darwinian sage as the general public continued to be milked of their cash to pay for their own slaughter beneath a normal chemtrailed sky.

…HUH!?…said all the dumb stupid animals.


3 Responses to Placebo Media News! Caution: Red Alert, Large Terrorist COW at Large

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  2. Mr. Me

    October 20, 2012 at 11:42 am

    It’s all about ‘preparation’.

    The public must be prepared for a world in which SWAT teams are part of their every day life. They must be prepared to be shot down like dogs… errr… cows… if they wander off the prescribed path.

    If anyone does not see the New World Order coming it is because they do not WANT to see it coming.

    Why don’t they want to acknowledge it? Not because they fear it, that requires a two or three levels of foresight and few people have even one. The reason they do not want to see what’s coming is because it would require that they stop chewing their cud, get up off their arses and do something.

    That is never going to happen. Zombies are remotely controlled and not self-directed.

    Speaking of Zombies, has anyone seen a good zombie movie lately? They are all the same. And always the viewer witnesses a hoard of messed up individuals halfway between sleep and death, ambling around aimlessly looking for “BRAINS!”

    Meanwhile the viewer thinks that he is the one that has barricaded himself into a house or room somewhere trying to fend them off.

    But the joke is on the viewer, for the viewer is not the survivor(s), the viewer IS the Zombie! Every movie producer knows this. And they laugh quietly to themselves knowing that their zombie-viewers will never get it.

    Get it?



    By the way… here’s a great name for this plan of preparing the people. I call it “Preparation ‘H'”… and the SWAT team and their (mis)leaders can take that and stick it where they have their heads shoved!

  3. Maria

    March 8, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Obviously cows are dangerous but maybe not as dangerous as Daily Mail readers.

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