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Airport Gropers Take Offence Being Compared to Jimmy Savile ~ So Keep Doing It!

By Neil Foster – Sovereign Independent UK –

As seems to be the norm for myself every time I wish to leave the UK through one of their Gestapo airport facilities, I’m stopped ‘at random’.

This has now happened six times out of the last seven with the only exception being when I travelled with my girlfriend earlier this year only to witness her being groped instead.

I am still assured as the ‘random’ count mounts that this is all just a coincidence and that I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for suggesting that the odds of me being stopped six times out of seven ‘randomly’ are near impossible.

When asked how I think I’m being stopped if it’s not by chance, I simply reach into my pocket and display the information that comes with the chipped passport these days that tells you that facial recognition is being used to identify people. Despite this official government insert with my passport stating this to be the case I am still called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and to add insult to my already injured intelligence, I am informed that facial recognition is not used. Obviously their intelligence, as is plain to anyone having even one experience of these perverted sexual molesters would have noticed, is somewhat devoid of any comparison to the word intelligence whatsoever. They are simply ignorant imbeciles, which if they were not also perverted creatures unworthy of respect in any civilised society, should be pitied more than rebuked.

Unfortunately they are simply perverts to be depised and rejected by society en masse.

However, I did attain some small crumb of comfort from my latest encounter with these disgusting creatures masquerading as ‘security’ personnel

As we are all well aware, the Jimmy Savile paedophilic perversion, endemic in the elite ivory towers of the country, has struck a chord with many ordinary people in society who are now just beginning to see the real face of despotism and depravity deep within the once untouchable corridors of power.

So during my latest groping, and I should point out that I have only subjected myself to such humiliation, because that is what it designed for, after making very loud vocal complaints and demanding the presence of a supervisor, I decided to use the Jimmy Savile scandal to garner some form of retribution. After my usual taunts that the groper must really enjoy his work and that he should be aware that only a pervert would do such work, and his usual affirmation that he did indeed enjoy what he did for a living, I simply compared him to Jimmy Savile stating to him and his colleagues, male and female, that they were ” a bunch of Jimmy Saviles just following orders”.

A female security pervert said she didn’t care as long as she was paid to which I remarked that “That was exactly the same excuse the guards at Nazi concentration camps made”. She then said “I was someone who simply had nothing better to do in life than complain”!

That woman, if you could it a woman, in my opinion is a very sick and depraved individual deprived of any normal human understanding or empathy for anyone.

But anyway, my comments seemed to have had the desired effect as the groping immediately stopped as the pervert turned to his supervisor to complain that I had called him Jimmy Savile. The supervisor asked me if I had called his chum Jimmy Savile.

I said “I hadn’t called him by that name and that all I’d done was compare his actions to those of Savile” to which he replied “What are you implying” 

I said “You can take that any way you want”

At this point I was simply told to be on my way.

So folks, it seems that the label of paedophilia is still a taboo which can even get under the skin of these power tripping perverts.


7 Responses to Airport Gropers Take Offence Being Compared to Jimmy Savile ~ So Keep Doing It!

  1. manxasthehills

    November 11, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    I love it! Well done! Only the awake can see what’s happening. The others zombie along being grateful to be groped and “safe”. I once queued up to reclaim my bag which had become suspect in Liverpool while the previous security check had found nothing. I spoke to one of the patient – who was waiting for her shoes. “How many of these ‘suspicious’ items had turned out to be real security threats?” She was happy to be safe. I looked around the hall at the multitude of staff and mentioned that it keeps a lot of people in employment but she obviously thought it was all very necessary and essential. I have yet to see a real threat.

    • Reality Bytes

      November 11, 2012 at 5:29 pm

      I believe there’s NEVER been a terrosrist caught going through these ‘security’ measures. It’s all about subservience to the control grid and nothing else. I have commented to people who have laughed at me when I’ve been giving out to these goons on previous occasions and simply answered back that I hope they’ll be happy when the perverts are groping therir children. Perhaps after the Jimmy Savile show this aspect will be delayed for a while. If not, then I hope people start to see through it for what it is but somehow I doubt it.


  2. Ire 8

    November 11, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Saville was a necropheliac (a sicko fornicating about with corpses in a morgue)just like the pukes in the airport groping all the dead zombies calling themselves passengers. The airport necropheliacs must be having a field day. There’s more life in a mortuary at midnight than in a so-called airline passenger, unless of course you own your own fleet of leerjets bought with taxpayers’ money.

  3. Anthony Taylor

    November 12, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    The agenda to bring us all to the frame of mind where we compliantly encourage our children to “Stand quietly and let the nice man inject your medicine” after which, by way of reward, we take them out to wolf-down GMO treats in their favourite fast-foodery, seems to be moving forward without a hitch. The fact that the people largely involved in the dehumanising and downsizing of the rank and file, are not actually members of the reigning, psychopathic, lunatic elite, but superficially rational beings, much like ourselves living perhaps in neighbourhoods very like our own is equally depressing. From one perspective such people can perhaps be seen as even more pathetic victims of The Great Deceit than we are. This being the case, while Neil’s confrontation with the agents of the powers that be, was clearly an example of courageous defiance that should serve as an example to all of us, it might be as well to recognise the more abject losers in these situations for who they really are. The person who, confronted by the alternatives, decides that a life spent earning a living wage smartly turned out as a professional anal-sphincter is preferable to that likely to be experienced by a ‘useless eater’ is not necessarily any worse than someone in uniform intent on killing another for no better reason than ‘following orders’. The woman protesting that Neil was ‘complaining’ might well have been unaware that the only reason she was instructed to help ruin his day, was because of his well-known opposition to genocide in all its manifestations. Not the sort of person one might gather, to stuff his underpants full of homemade fireworks in an attempt to bring down a scheduled flight.
    A small lesson I take away from this account is the resolve that if possible, when I next travel by air I will carry a copy of the Sovereign Independent in my pocket. This way, if the pressure becomes too great I can break down and surrender it to them, while tearfully blurting out my confession that I was guilty of reading every page of it

  4. Last Straw

    November 13, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    What a good idea. Try strike up a chant among the abused line of sheep boarding the cattle truck.


    It might just work.

  5. stanley hutchinson

    November 18, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    There is problem, that probably works in the U.K. but in the U.S. it probably won’t work? Why?
    Because TSA here are TOO STUPID, They probably don’t even know who Jimmie Savile is? It would go right over their heads. like, Huh? Who’s Jimmie Savile?

    Remember, most TSA have high school graduattion, some not even that, and they keep hiring criminals, and those with criminal back grounds as evidence by the exposes. TSA does criminal back ground checks and deliberately higher felony criminals, as evidence by the HIGH THEFT rates by their TSA STAFF, High End Watches stolen, wallets, jewelry, etc.

    I notice it’s not that bad here at LAX, I’ve never been groped. But I was groped at Long Beach.

    Also, domestic flights, don’t require passports, in U.S. so that won’t flag them, but a no-fly list will flag them.

    • Reality Bytes

      November 18, 2012 at 10:22 pm

      Then pick the name of a prominent US paedophile and use that instead. My article was aimed at UK perverts



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