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Big Brother Is Watching – Even On The High Seas

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Telesto data system and the living lab

October 2012: Britain’s Sea Trade brings substantial revenue to the Treasury, with a projected value of £700bn by 2017.

To protect this trade infrastructure and combat against potential piracy and terrorism threats posed to maritime trade in the UK, Dstl has designed, developed and deployed a system called Telesto to identify, track and discover the intent of all vessels on the oceans and seas.

Telesto aids Maritime safety by providing enhanced situational awareness for the Government and MOD by inputting shipping data from a variety of national and commercial sources. The data is displayed and stored within a very large data base and then output to a large variety of customers across government. This important data provides Government departments and agencies with enhanced Maritime Situational Awareness, giving a local and wider area understanding of global merchant shipping movements and associated vessel information.

Dstl worked closely with industry partner Borwell Ltd to deliver software and associated information management tools, as well as required training and documentation needed for Telesto.

Since the inception of Telesto there has been a steady increase across government and those with maritime security responsibilities for access to the capability. The most significant requirement was as a result of the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010 (SDSR) which stated that there was a need to form a National Maritime Information Centre (NMIC).

The NMIC is a cross government body located at the Northwood Headquarters in Middlesex and is accountable to the Home Office. The NMIC brings together existing functions to provide improved maritime situational awareness and support to lead agencies in the event of emergency or crisis. NMIC’s role is to actively monitor maritime activity around the UK and areas of national interest and enable government to have a better understanding of maritime safety and security. Information is shared across government, to industry and regional and international partners.

In support of the National Maritime Information Centre (NMIC) Telesto was selected as the national framework architecture and capability to enable the NMIC to achieve its roles. The Telesto capability gives NMIC representatives an understanding of global maritime white shipping information to support homeland defence and the pursuit of criminal activity in the maritime domain.

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