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X Factor Simon Cowell Donates To IDF Kiddie Killers

By King Alfred -


Nice Friends Simon.


Let us first take a moment to remember the British servicemen and civillians murdered by the Stern gang and Irgun terrorist killers who later became the leadership of Israel.   King David Hotel – Murders


Nice Friends Simon.

Let us consider that the Israelis along with the French supplied the Argies with weapons used against British Troops in the Falklands.

Nice Friends Simon.


Let us consider the role of the IDF snipers in Iraq posing as insurgents and  targetting US and British troops.


Nice Friends Simon.


Here is a photo of a T shirt produced and worn by members of the glorious IDF note that the picture is of a pregnant woman. The baby gets the X factor right in the crosshairs.


israeli sniper_thumb[7]


Nice Friends Simon.
Real Footage Posted By An IDF Sniper Who Ended Up In Israeli Court – For Posting The Footage That Is

Real Footage Posted By An IDF Sniper Who Ended Up In Israeli Court – For Posting The Footage That Is


November 16, 2013

Israeli troops attack children with stun grenades then handcuff them


While Israel and the Palestinian Authority are locked in the futile sideshow euphemistically known as the “peace process”, in the real world of the occupation it’s business as usual.

On 15 November Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank village of Kfar Qaddum detained and handcuffed four Palestinian children aged five to nine years, the French news agency AFP reported, citing Palestinian witnesses.

“Four children who were present in the area had stun grenades thrown at them by Israeli soldiers, which frightened them,” said Ashtiye of the village’s Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

“Then the soldiers arrested them and tied their hands behind their backs using plastic strips,” he added, identifying the children as Tariq Hikmet, 9, Hossam Khaldun, 7, six-year old Malak Hikmet and Ahmad Abdessalam, 5.

Nice Friends Simon.


Another IDF Kiddie Killer ?

Cowell also stumped up £50000 bail money for nonce DJ Johnathon King.

King was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison in 2001 for the sexual assault of five teenage boys between 1983 and 1989. He was released in 2005, having served three and a half years of his sentence. He continues to protest his innocence.

King was arrested for sexual assault in November 2000 after a man approached Max Clifford, a British publicist, with allegations, originally about other men. He was released on £150,000 bail, £50,000 of it put up by Simon Cowell, the impresario, and was re-arrested, after the media publicity, in January 2001 – Wikipedia

Nice Friends Simon





Re his IDF contribution Perhaps Simon was worried he might end up on the hateful Jewish Shit list.

Self-Hating and/or  Israel-Threatening


[Aunt] Jemima Goldsmith Khan, licker of Pakistanian nutsacks
Khan, Jemima Goldsmith
   This Jewish woman is the daughter of the late British billionaire tycoon, Sir James Goldsmith.  (Does this make her a J.E.P., a Jewish English Princess???) How thrilled he must have been when his lovely daughter married a Muslim, Imran Khan… a cricket player.  We expect he choked on his fish ‘n chips even as he tried to wash it down with an afternoon martini.
Soon after Jemima and Imran’s 1995 marriage and conversion to Islam, she gave birth to two sons, Suleiman and Kasim. 
And then… she went on a personal anti-Israel Jihad. For example, in October 2003 she begun a four-day tour of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, the “West Bank” [Judea-Samaria] and Gaza. Soon after, she launched a new charity called “Hope and Optimism for Palestinians In the Next Generation” (HOPING) in Britain to help Palestinian refugee children have a better future.  [In case you're wondering, she never visited a single one of the many Israeli/Jewish victims of Arab terrorism.]
“The Israeli lobby in the US is rich and influential,” she wrote. “The media is largely controlled by the Jews, as is Hollywood, and they account for more than half the top policy-making jobs in the Clinton administration.” Apparently “Aunt Jemima” Khan doesn’t know that Clinton and his self-hating Jewish circle of friends, crammed over 1,400 Oslo Peace Accord  deaths down Israel’s throat!
“…I genuinely fear that bias in America – among the politicians and media – is prompting an extreme anti-Jewish backlash in the Muslim world which can only lead to more bloodshed.” For certain, she is not concerned about Jewish loss of blood!
“It is outrageous to suggest that I am anti-Semitic, not least because I have family who are practicing Jews. I was raised with a strong sense of our Jewish roots…” Lady, you wouldn’t know a Jewish root if one crawled up your crack!
In 2004 the marriage between Jemima “Goldsmith” Kahn and Imran Khan ended. Not even a Hugh Grant police mugshot Pakistani playboy would put up with a spoiled Jewess turned Muslim like her. But a little divorce would never be enough to stop a hot-blooded self-hating Kike like Jemima.  She and British-accented Hollywood actor, Hugh Grant, began dating in June 2004.   However, Hugh must have felt Jemima didn’t provide proper “lip service” because a year later on June 27, 1995 he was arrested for solicitation of “oral services” from a common street hooker named Divine Brown.
Fat-assed, cocaine-snorting Kate MOo locking lips with Judenrat Kike, Jemima "Goldsmith" Khan   And, speaking of “oral services, check this out… fat-assed, cocaine-snorting actress, Kate Moss, locking lips with our
Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening Judenrat heroine.
As a side note, don’t feel too sorry for first hubby, Imran Khan.  There are plenty of nutty Jewish chicks ready to chew on Muslim meat.  Hollywood actress and Jew-turned-Buddhist, Goldie Hawn, ended her 21-year relationship with Kurt Russell and set her sights on the Pakistani cricketing legend.  And so, just like most Hollywood movies, everyone lived happily ever after.

Alfred – Nice Friends Simon !

Gilad Atzmon, S.S. Jew
Atzmon, Gilad 
When this Israeli-born musician isn’t blowing his soprano sax and clarinet in his adopted England, he’s sucking up to Arab/Muslim Nazis. Gilad Atzmon does not like Israel and sees the country of his birth as an “immoral, colonialist terrorist state.” He has lots of other opinions. In essence, he is single-handedly bringing up to date the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In his own words…
On Zionism:
     “Zionism is a very singular political method aimed at perfecting the transformation of world disasters and human pain into Jewish gain.”
“Somehow, Zionists always volunteer to serve the colonial interests of any leading power.
On Israel and Zionism as Corrupters:
     “America that is about to lose its sovereignty. Now, it looks as if Zionist lobbies control American foreign politics. After so many years of independence, the United States of America is becoming a remote colony of an apparently far greater state, the Jewish state.”
“The question to be asked is who is going to protect the Americans from their motherland Israel?”
“It now appears that the emancipation of the Jewish people that led to the birth of Zionism: a racist, colonialist and nationalist state, is now evolving into its very last phase: a sadistic manifestation.”
“On reflection, it must be terrifying that such a small lobby from a tiny state is so eager to push the rest of the world into endless confrontation.”
On the Israeli Government / Army:
     “The elected Israeli government is there merely to provide the Israelis with Palestinian blood. They specialize in providing the Israeli public with a high Palestinian death rate. In tactical terms they define it as ‘power of deterrence’ but in practice it is better articulated as sheer bloodthirstiness.”
On Israel’s Immorality and Lack of Human Compassion:
     “Very much like their biblical ancestors, the Israelis like to see their enemy beaten to death… as terrifying as it sounds, the pain of others makes the Israelis cheerful. The concept of compassion is completely foreign to them.”
“Israel is engaged in the daily bullying of the Palestinian people. When bullying gets boring, they go for the kill; when killing gets boring, they humiliate the dying Arafat. Israel is…the narcissistic embodiment of any possible inhuman sense. It is the celebration of cruelty.”
On  Arafat, the Madman with a 40 Year History of Murdering Jews:
     “In the last ten days of his life the world held its breath following what appeared to be an everlasting battle between a giant freedom fighter and the angel of death. Many of us were following the news with care, many of us were praying for the president’s recovery.”
On Israel’s Future:
     “History teaches us that when sadistic narcissism reveals its face, the end should be anticipated. Israel’s days are numbered.”
    On the January 12, 2006 Altahrir blog site interview this shameless Judenrat had this to say about his having been placed on the S.H.I.T. List… “I am very happy and honoured to be listed … furthermore I think that the sh*t list is a wonderful showcase of the tactics used by the contemporary 3rd category identity. But then the absurdity is that some of the Jewish leftist activists who happen to be listed on it are themselves fully engaged in producing similar lists of their adversaries. My advice to them is to leave behind the Kosher philosophy and to join the local and global Palestinian solidarity movement.
We ask everyone to boycott all music produced by this sick piece of  S(elf)-H(ating) I(srael)-T(hreatening) Jew.  Read More Here
    He also said, “I don’t have anything against people.  I’m anti-Jewish, not anti-Jews…. Jewish ideology and Nazi ideology were very similar.”


The real Gilad Atzmon can be found here

2 Responses to X Factor Simon Cowell Donates To IDF Kiddie Killers

  1. kelvin ballsacre Reply

    November 19, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Simon cowell contributes to a fund for jews accused of child abuse, he gave 50 grand to Jonathan kings defence, but would not give to Paul gadd ( gary glitter ) because he interfered with girls.
    He put sinita in th family way and left her and treated several other women very badly before dumping them, but now like a good jew he is going to marry a good jewish girl.
    what a damn toerag this man is

    • Black Elk Reply

      November 19, 2013 at 2:18 pm

      Yep I’d forgotten that he stumped up cash for nonce Johnathon King …. what a tangled web.

      Do you have any evidence for the fund allegation — please supply any you have.

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