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UPDATED: Does BBC Footage Shows MH370 Search Plane Chemtrailing ?

Black Elk

UPDATE:   A hat eating moment LOL.

eat my hat

I now have a response from a contact at the website. The site is dedicated to the Lockheed Orion P3 aircraft which is the one the BBC are filming from.  The small twin engined jet a Gulfstream GLF which features taking off at the outset of the full BBC version is just there for show.

With regard to the the nozzle on the wing shown in the BBC footage the mystery substance is probably fuel being dumped. Here is the reply.

it’s the fuel dump nozzle, which is standard on the P-3C model.


Jaap Dubbeldam


Further research also turns up this harrowing tale of a NOAA P3 Orion trapped in the eye of a hurricane which is well worth a read if you have the time. After losing an engine the crew had to dump fuel to lighten the plane in a desperate bid for survival.

“Lowell, we’re ready back here for fuel dumping,” says Alan over the intercom. “Everything is powered down.”

“Roger, we’ll begin dumping now,” replies Lowell.

I watch as a stream of jet fuel squirts out into the air through a three inch wide tube slung under the left wing. It will take about 15 minutes to dump 15,000 of our 50,000 pounds of fuel. As we dump fuel, Gerry will keep us steadily climbing.  read more

That said I still sense skullduggery. 

The small plane JA-500A at the outset of the full BBC footage gives the game away … the search is being faked for the media.  Note the initial BBC audio commentary. 

“search aircraft heading off for another day”

The video provides us with a timeframe & id of the Gulf Jet taking off and the location. It belongs to the Japanese Coastguard. See details below. The BBC liars tell us that it is going out searching yet the flight data indicates it flies a straight course away from Aus straight to Malaysia not a search pattern .


Given that evidence we come to the probable fuel dumping on the P3 Orion the BBC crew are filming from.  At first I believed this may be for the purposes of weathermodification, I was probably wrong perhaps too keen. See data & responses below.

It  seems odd that the P3 Orion is on long range re-con & thus trying to maximise range yet dumping fuel.   Standard operating procedure is to feather one or two engines when at low level to “conserve fuel”

One  objective of any long range search is to maximise fuel consumption. On a P3 at low altitude as in the search we are told by the BBC took place. Greater fuel economy  can be achieved by feathering one or two of the outboard engines. So why dump fuel ?  and reduce the range of the search ?  It surely runs counter to the objective.  Dumping chemicals for geoengineering purposes would seem to provide a reason for the fluid however I think this a far less likely scenario than the one I am about to describe.

Assuming the search is indeed being faked for the media.

A retrospectively checkable fact would be the fuel consumption of the flight ie  fuel load taken on board pre flight minus fuel returned to base. This would allow calculation of range & distance and provide “irrefutable evidence”.

If someone wanted to fake the distance travelled for the search they might take on a full fuel load dump the fuel at sea and then return with empty tanks.

That would then give the authorities a documented factual counter argument to any inquiring minds that suggest after the fact that the search was a media ploy, a ruse.  The fuel consumed & thus the range travelled might be quoted as evidence & proof  of the distance travelled searching and fed to the BS media to feed BS media to feed in turn to the masses to negate any conspiracy theories.

It may also be possible that the dumping of fuel was performed for another reason a technical fault for instance.

I believe I have previously been barking up the wrong tree nevertheless I sense skullduggery.


update ends.
Anyone living in Austrailia is encouraged to put in an FOI request regarding the substance coming out of the nozzle.

Updated  The Best Resolution Image I Could Get From The BBC Video Click For Max Resolution.

Laughably the arrogant, deceitful and trecharous BBC are blathering on about the perils of global warming on “The News” as I type.  (Google William Joyce)


href=””>Caught BBC chemtrail footage

Malaysia airliner: ‘Objects’ spotted as search shifts

28 March 2014 Last updated at 11:57 GMT

A plane has spotted “objects” in the new area of the Indian Ocean being searched for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Australian officials say.

The sightings would need confirmation by ship, which is not expected until tomorrow, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

The BBC footage begins with a shot of  a Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream V (twin-jet) (GLF5 – photos

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Unknown Owner · Japan
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah ( – info)
Subang Jaya, Selangor MY
RAAF Pearce ( – info)
Bullsbrook, Western Australia AU
14:53 MYT
15:44 WST
Scheduled: 10:00 MYT
Scheduled: 15:39 WST

nnairbase253eOrionP3A grounded Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion aircraft is pictured as members of the international press walk to the tarmac of RAAF base Pearce before a news conference with Australian Defence Minister David Johnston near Perth, March 25, 2014. — PHOTO:


The Royal Australian Air Force P-3C Orion fleet originally consisted of ten P-3C-II and ten P-3C-II½ Orions. In 1993 the Sea Sentinel program (Project Air 5276) with the goal to replace the ageing mission equipment onboard of 18 aircraft, was launched. Raytheon Aircraft Integration Systems in Greenville, TX became the main contractor. Sea Sentinel replaces the data management system, radar, acoustic processing system, navigation system and communication systems. In order to increase the fatigue life of the RAAF Orion fleet, weight reduction was an incorporated goal in the program. Design engineers were successful in removing 3200 pounds from the aircraft. Raytheon completed the modification of the AP-3C prototype in May 1999 and the aircraft made its maiden flight on 19 May 1999. Boeing Australia at Avalon was responsible for the modification of the remaining 17 Orions.

The Orion P3 may belong to NZ Air Force

BBC webpage undated … nothing like clouding the issue.

Eight military and civilian planes flew up to 2,500km (1,550 miles) from Perth in western Australia to reach the search area

3 Responses to UPDATED: Does BBC Footage Shows MH370 Search Plane Chemtrailing ?

  1. splutter

    March 31, 2014 at 10:10 am

    GOTCHA Noel Edmonds.
    Go and tell Rupert Murdock it’s NO DEAL.The BBC takeover deal is off. You’re NO SMARTER THAN A 10 YEAR OLD.

    Your child molesting, adult insulting, Trojan Horse BBC propaganda club is toast.

    What goes around comes around.

  2. splutter

    April 1, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    You never claimed you were 100% right about this Black Elk, you left a question mark in the title. People on this site don’t claim to know all the answers, at least you’re asking the right questions, can’t say the same for the propaganda media.

    Either way it’s almost identical to what I saw at low altitude flying over rural Norfolk, only that was spraying from the wingtips, it drew a 360 degree circle in the sky and that was no fuel dump. What I saw was an aerosol spray, pity I didn’t have a camera. And I’m still spluttering and spitting up the chemicals.

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