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Child Rape Linked To “Austerity”

King Alfred

“I desire to leave to the men that come after me a remembrance of me in good works.” Alfred The Great


Careful examination of history can teach us some valuable lessons.

Might there be a sinister perverse incentive for imposed economic “austerity”.

Life was never better for child rapists  than in austerity stricken Berlin in Weimar Germany. Whole families including children would prostitute themselves.


A Distinct Lack Of Austerity On Display In The City of London – David Cameron Demon strating His Midas Touch

If you are pushed for time begin at 7min if not the whole documentary is highly recommended.  Parts two and three below.

 “I care much more about apprenticeships than I do abut House of Lords reform,” Mr Clegg insisted during the event.

“I care more about children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It doesn’t mean you can’t do other things.”

Mr Cameron balked at questions about whether austerity politics could ever create growth.

“What you call austerity, I call efficiency,” he said.

source Yahoo Uk News

Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Savile, David Cameron, William Hague, Monday Club, Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square and the VIP child-abuse connection

By thecolemanexperience


Mark Menzies, William Hague, Pervs In Parliament, Savile, Thatcher, BBC Paedos, Diana and the Jill Dando connection

By thecolemanexperience


The Slog reports

ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Cyril Smith named, but Coalition in fear of evidence closer to home about Rocks Lane parties

As the late MP Cyril Smith was last night named as a suspect in the case of paedophile parties at the Elm guest house in Rocks Lane Barnes, media and Westminster sources close to events broke cover to suggest that “a sense of great unease” permeates senior Coalition Ministers this weekend. The Slog investigates why.

Although most people have now forgotten the event, two and a half years ago David Cameron – unable to find anyone who’d take the job as Trade Minister – appointed Leon Brittan as a consultant to do the job ‘full time for £500 a day’ – or roughly £170,000 per annum. The former Thatcher aide worked in the role from September 2010 until February 2011, taking time off from his Vice-Chairmanship of UBS investment bank to do it.

This is not, however, the only direct link Mr Brittan has with the Coalition. He was also Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s first political boss in Europe, and on LBC recently David Mellor mentioned that Brittan had promoted Clegg: “He [Clegg] got the job because Clegg’s father was a very close friend of Leon Brittan” said the former toe-sucking Conservative Minister. It is not clear whether Clegg promoted Brittan’s cause for the 2010-11 consultancy job, but the LibDem leader admits himself that Mr Brittan first introduced him to Paddy Ashdown.

One Response to Child Rape Linked To “Austerity”

  1. Ire 8

    April 4, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    20’s Berlin = today’s Hollywood = Babylon

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