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Pushing the Envelope of Corruption as Royal Mail ‘Secret Buyers’ Post Huge Profits at the Expense of Taxpayers


By Neil Foster – The Community Press Group –

Since the days of the industrial sabotage of the UK by Margaret Thatcher’s government we have witnessed the wholesale dismantling of Britain’s infrastructure and utility assets with ‘privatisation’ through sell offs at bargain basement prices to the friends of the political establishment. The Royal Mail was simply another corrupt flogging at the expense of the weary and increasingly poor taxpayer.

The government has refused to name the companies who have shafted the British taxpayer for £1 Billion.

It begs the question as to whether these ‘buyers’ were given the inside scoop and anonymity from the government prior to the sale?

How many times will we put up with our public utilities being sold off cheap to secret buyers who profit at the expense of the taxpayer? Haven’t we seen all this before?

Look at the state of our country’s utility market for starters.

We were told that electricity and gas prices would benefit consumers when those utilities were broken up and sold to multinational corporations. We all know what happened with that and have seen our energy prices skyrocket whereby people now freeze to death in large numbers every time we have a cold snap.

According to official figures below, 31,100 excess deaths occurred in the winter of 2012/2013. This is not the total of course, this is only the ‘excess’; this from a population of approximately 65 million people.–provisional–and-2011-12–final-/stb-ewm-12-13.html

Putting this into perspective, it should be pointed out that in the whole of Europe it was reported that 35,000 died as a result of the heat wave that covered the continent in 2003; this from a population of approximately 650 million.

It should be clear that warm weather is far less fatal than cold weather, which begs the question as to why we should be so concerned about ‘global warming’? A heat wave kills more or less a tenth of the people that a cold snap does. It also has to be kept in mind that many deaths caused by warm weather can be avoided by taking sensible precautions, such as covering up, seeking shade and taking non-alcoholic fluids on a regular basis. The vast majority of those suffering the problems of cold weather do so because they simply can’t afford to heat themselves.

Many families also have to make the choice between eating and heating leaving many either cold or hungry in 21st century Britain. We are becoming a Third world country.

In the UK, death rates reduced by almost 11,000 due to warmer weather over this winter.

Of course, perhaps the cost of our water bills has something to do with low consumption rates in terms of drinking water and being able to take cold showers to cool us down. This is another example of the privatisation of our utilities, which has never lived up to the promise of lower prices. Hosepipe bans have also been introduced even in years when much of the country has been on severe flood warning alerts. I wonder if the hosepipe ban will be applied in Somerset this year? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Telecommunications has also seen the costs of our telephone bills skyrocket and the prices of Internet connection, although still relatively cheap, cannot compare with countries such as Estonia where Internet is free. Connection problems are a constant issue with many people in the UK with promised speeds totally unrelated to the boasts made by providers in relation to actual speed and connectivity coverage.

‘Competition’, as it was promoted as, has not opened up the market to price busting cost savings for the general public but has monopolised the energy and other utility sectors into fewer hands whereby a cartel exists in all sectors. I would also suggest that these separate sectors also form a cartel of sorts in that if we dig deep enough we would find the same names behind the boardroom doors of the different companies.

Barely a year ago The Guardian published an article purportedly showing the pros and cons of privatisation. On The Guardian’s‘pro’ side I would doubt many readers would agree with them when they get their bills through the post for their gas, water and telephone utilities.

The latest fire sale of OUR (Of course all the utility services were OURS before they were flogged off to the friends and business associates of OUR servants, the politicians) postal service is just another example of corruption at the highest levels of government. That should be obvious to all when corporations have, in effect, ‘stolen’ a billion pounds from the British taxpayer with no accountability, if you’ll pardon the pun, for any politician to explain how this has come about.

And what about the latest proposals to charge us for using the National Health Service which generations of our ancestors have already paid for and which we continue to fund through our taxes and National Insurance?

According to the mainstream poison pen letter processors, having been prompted by Labour ‘health minister’ Lord Warner and his fellow Fascists, we should all be paying a ‘membership fee’ to be part of what can only be described as a private NHS Club.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have to be admitted and become a ‘bed blocker’ then you’ll have to pay the equivalent of‘hotel charges’ for your stay. Presumably this also means that this will be on a ‘full board’ basis with all meals and ancillary services having to be paid for by you, who may be chronically ill, have paid National Insurance all your life, never claimed a penny in benefits and never been any ‘burden on society’ in any shape or form.

Read the full article here:-

One Response to Pushing the Envelope of Corruption as Royal Mail ‘Secret Buyers’ Post Huge Profits at the Expense of Taxpayers

  1. Troy

    April 13, 2014 at 6:33 am

    “the pros and cons of privatisation,” I see it very differently. People now may moan about the cost but, by breaking up the state monopolies, at least nowadays we in the UK are not having to endure the frequent power cuts (usually in winter!)and the endless shortages courtesy of our commie-riddled and infiltrated trade unions. The trains generally turn up, letters get delivered, and the lights and heat stay on. This is also the reason jobs and opportunities have disappeared to the East.

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